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I'm sure you want to be well informed!

"Women need access to evidence based information so that they can make informed choices."

My Story & How I Can Help You

I'm Kicki Hansard, I have been a birth and postnatal doula since 2002 and during that time had the pleasure of supporting hundreds of couples preparing for the birth of their babies. I supported many of them when they gave birth and later on in the early days as new parents. I also run doula training courses and during the 11 years I’ve been doing that, I have read thousands of birth stories and worked with women as they have unpicked what went well and what they would change if they could do it again.

This combination of practical hands-on experience of supporting women in childbirth, together with the knowledge and insight of women's childbirth experiences, led me to create this programme. Many antenatal courses are run by well educated facilitators but not everyone has been present during labour and when a baby is born!

I want to share with as many of you as I can how to prepare for a positive birth experience and early parenthood.

The purpose of this course is to help you get as much information as possible so that you can make informed choices.I also wish to inspire you to think of childbirth as an exciting adventure. I’ve seen how prescriptive and one-size-fit-all birth preparation courses can make women feel unsupported in what they want to do.

I’m here to support YOU in whatever way you choose to welcome your baby!

Kicki x


Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there and want to feel more in control?

  • Do you want to discover what to put in place to make the birth of your baby a positive experience?
  • Do you want to feel well prepared so that you can make informed choices?
  • Do you want to feel confident and knowledgeable in the early days as a parent?
  • Do you wish there was someone that could hold your hand and navigate you through all your options?

With the Your Birth - Your Way antenatal programme, you will be able to prepare for a positive birth and parenting experience and get the support you need,  every step of the way!




A six week online antenatal programme educating, inspiring and supporting you as you prepare for the birth of your baby and beyond - all from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

What you will get when you enrol:

Immediate access to all videos

This course is on-line so you will have immediate access to the complete programme as soon as you sign up. No waiting around for the next module and you can keep coming back to go through it again and again!

Worksheets and checklists

There are a number of exercises, worksheets and check-lists for you to download and work your way through, away from your screen. If you have a birth partner, you should do these together. This will help you discover what birth is right for you!

Work at your own pace

The course is designed to run over six weeks with six modules but you can move through the course at your own pace. You can go as slow or as fast as you like, bearing in mind you DO have a very real deadline!

Signposting for a full picture

The course signposts you to a lot of external resources so that you can get all the different views and opinions. You will get your hands on evidence based research as well as informative articles. You can then make informed choices for you and your baby!

Research by the Department of Health found that:     "New mothers and fathers are information hungry, but they want to feel able to access information when needed, rather than having it ‘dumped’ on them." 

30 Videos

27 Info Sheets


4 Bonus Gifts

Ready to start preparing for the birth of your baby and beyond?


Here is a full programme run down:


We have a private Facebook Group where you can ask  questions and connect with other parents-to-be from the comfort of your own home.

One-to-One with Kicki

Personalised one-to-one enabling you to speak to Kicki about your circumstances in a private setting concerning any topic, issue or question.

Membership Portal

All the modules are inside our membership portal, where you have access to the videos, cheat-sheets, audio and slides. You'll have immediate access to everything.

Module One: Discover your feelings around childbirth and consider where to give birth

The first module is all about preparing for birth, mentally and physically.  In the first lesson, we will look at how the media and our family and friends influence us when it comes to shaping our feeling about childbirth and parenting. In the second lesson, it’s time to discover and learn more about where you can choose to have your baby. In the third lesson, we focus on different techniques and tools for ensuring your baby is in a good position for labour and birth. All the lessons have questionnaires, worksheets and exercises to complete as well as an extra resources section for you to go deeper into the topics of your choice.  There’s a worksheet for you to complete, as well as some downloads for you to print off and think about as you start envisaging the birth of your baby.  


Module Two: Understand what happens to your body during labour and how to avoid unnecessary discomfort

In the second module, we are ready to dive into the most important information of all - what happens to your body when you give birth, and how you can work with it to make the process easier. The first lesson is all about the vital hormones you need to give birth, and how to make sure you’re in the optimal environment to produce them. We will also look at what can prevent a straightforward birth. In lesson two, we will go through labour step-by-step and  learn how to avoid unnecessary pain each step of the way.  There are downloads on “Three Steps to Shutting Down Your Neocortex” and “Eight Reasons For Unnecessary Pain In Labour”. The extra resources section will signpost you to even more information so that you can get a complete understanding of how your body responds and behaves during childbirth.


Module three: Learn the different stages of labour and birth

So, we’ve had the overview, now we’re ready to delve deep into the three different stages of labour. The three lessons will focus on each stage of labour and I will teach you about everything from recognising that labour has started to what will happen once your baby is in your arms. You will be able to download an excellent “Contraction Exercise” and instructions on how to do perineal massage. The extra resources section in this module is absolutely packed to the brim and there are plenty of videos and research to consider to take your learning to a greater level.


Module Four: Know what you are saying yes to!

In module four, it’s time to look at routine medical interventions and ensure that you have good knowledge and understanding of what normally happens during procedures such as inductions of labour, assisted births and caesarean births. I will take you through all the different pain management options, both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical. You will be able to download some great massage techniques that you and your birth partner should start practising as soon as possible. The extra resource section has some great short film clips and there is a brilliant download which will help you understand obstetric risks as well as questions to ask to help guide your choices. I’ve also included an excellent “What To Pack For Hospital” list. This module will ensure that you know and understand the risks, benefits, and possible outcomes of choices you may be asked to make during the course of labour.


Module Five: Manage your expectations with a newborn baby

Wow, your baby has arrived!  Now what? This module will give you great insight to what it might feel like once your baby is in your arms, and we will explore some of the common issues for new parents as well as newborns. I will take you through what so many women experience as a new mum, and give you reassurance so that you will know what is normal and what is not. Should you swaddle your baby or not? Is it safe to co-sleep? All your questions will be answered and help to calm any nerves you might feel before you meet your baby.


Module Six: Feel well informed about feeding choices, and prepared to feed your baby whatever you decide

Are you feeling a little nervous about how you will feed your baby? After this module you will be feeling a lot more knowledgeable and relaxed about infant feeding. In the first two lessons, I will guide you through the basics of breastfeeding and show you how to set yourself up for a good start. What are your baby’s hunger cues and how do you know that your baby is getting enough? Lesson three takes you through how to safely prepare infant formula and when supplementation might be necessary. The great thing is that you will be able to come back to this when your baby is here and the extra resources in this module will also signpost you to where to go for help, even in the middle of the night!


You’ll also get these FREE bonuses!

To help you get completely in the right place to welcoming your baby.

Personalised One-to-One

One hour or 3 x 20 minutes of private consultations with Kicki as part of the course. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your thoughts and questions as you go through the programme. This is one of the most valued part of the course based on customer feedback! 


Yoga Series

Renowned yoga teacher Katy Appleton presents her pregnancy yoga devised to support and inspire you through your pregnancy. Included are three 45-minute flows, Sanctuary, Shine and Stillness, 15-minute Hypnobirthing Relaxation and special features of Pelvic Floor Play and Top Tips including remedies for common ailments during pregnancy.

Made With Love

Made With Love: Your Baby is a sensational, original concept which allows new parents to record their baby's activities and milestones with the purpose of using the information to form solid routines for baby and household. Not only is it an excellent tool but the perfect keepsake as it is written by parents about their baby.


"I was fortunate to complete the Your Birth Your Way online course to prepare for the birth of my little boy, Arthur. The course was brilliant and gave me so much confidence to make the choices that were right for me and for the birth I was hoping for. It was great to complete the course online and at home which made it easy to fit it in with a busy schedule. There was also great and positive exercises to complete which made the course practical and helped to make it all real. Kicki is wonderful and so supportive during and after the course. In my moments of doubt, Kicki was always available by email, phone, Skype to offer comforting words of advice and guidance. As I am a first time Mum, I found this course invaluable and would absolutely recommend as the option for birth preparation. Thanks so much Kicki for a great course and your ongoing support! "

Louise Howe
Learning & Development Specialist

"We did NCT, hypnobirthing, read books and prepared in lots of different ways - the most valuable thing we did was the Birth Bliss Academy. It gave us practical, useful, honest and impartial information and support. It guided us at our own pace to go on our journey in preparation for birth and booming parents. Very highly recommended! If you spend your money on 1 thing - choose this course!"

Imogen Koufou

"That it is an easy to understand program which enables you to feel empowered and excited about your pregnancy giving you the knowledge and tools you need to manage regardless of how you end up giving birth."

Rhona Rafferty

Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is powerful and we’d like to prove that to you. So, we’ve made it completely risk free with our satisfaction guarantee.

Start the course and if you don’t feel it’s working for you, simply tell us at the end of the first day and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you do an antenatal course when you’re expecting?

Research from the University of Warwick showed that:

  • Antenatal preparation leads to improved coping, greater partner support and a better birth experience.
  • Women and their partners who took part in antenatal preparation courses had a higher satisfaction with their birth experience compared to those that didn’t.
  • Evidence based antenatal preparation, that involves exercises and tasks to be completed, can help to manage and reduce anxiety and depression for the mother during pregnancy and early motherhood.
(Schrader McMillan et al. 2009)

If you want to be able to make truly informed choices and feel in control of your labour and birth, it is vital that you chose an antenatal programme that offers you unbiased information based on not only research but also real life experiences; “Your Birth, Your Way” does just that.

What are the benefits of doing “Your Birth, Your Way” rather than a traditional antenatal class?

  1. “Your Birth, Your Way” is a pioneering new antenatal programme.
  2. It has been professionally designed to ensure that women and their partners have a good, solid understanding of childbirth so that they can make informed choices during labour. Whilst many antenatal courses finish with birth, “Your Birth, Your Way” is structured to prepare parents for life once their baby is in their arms, with support all the way through.
  3. It can be difficult to find an antenatal class which fits in around work and personal commitments, as you find yourself juggling nesting, preparing, and socialising before your baby arrives. “Your Birth, Your Way” is designed to work for you, and that means making it easy for you to do the course at a time - and place - which suits you, whether it’s on the sofa with your partner or on your lunch break, or at your desk. You can share the login details with your birth partner(s) too, so that they can learn at their own pace. And your login won’t run out, so if you have more children you can come back and refresh your knowledge, free of charge.
  4. Antenatal classes are traditionally seen as a place to meet and chat with other pregnant couples, which can mean that the information is not as detailed as it could be. This is especially the case if other couples have different needs or interests which they want to discuss; we’ve all been in a class or training where someone monopolises the conversation! Although what you learn in traditional antenatal classes is relevant, there is often not quite enough time to cover everything you need to know to make truly informed decisions. “Your Birth, Your Way” gives you all the information necessary for you to make your own choices - plus links to further resources so you can go even deeper if you wish.
  5. “Your Birth, Your Way” gives you the opportunity to discuss your questions, options, worries, and choices in private conversation with a highly experienced doula, so you can talk about whatever is important to you personally, for however long it takes without feeling embarrassed or rushed. There is also access to a members-only Facebook group where, if you wish, you can share your journey and experiences with other parents, whilst at the same time, learning of theirs.

What results are you promising?

Research shows that you are more likely to have a more positive birth experience following good quality antenatal preparation.

After completing “Your Birth, Your Way” you will:

  • Feel confident about where and how you would prefer to give birth, whilst knowing that you will be able to have a positive birth no matter what path the birth may take.
  • Feel more in control, knowing that you have all the information you need to make informed choices every step of the way.
  • Have a range of practical information and tips for you and your birth partner to draw on, all of which can make a real and positive difference to your labour.
  • Feel relaxed about caring for your baby, armed with excellent breastfeeding knowledge and aware of what is normal newborn behaviour.  

As with any course, to see the full benefits, it is important to make time to complete all of the exercises.

How long does the programme take to complete?

The programme is designed to run over six weeks but it can be completed more quickly.

As soon as you begin the programme, you will start to feel more informed, confident, and relaxed about giving birth.


Who is this for?

This course is for your if:

You want to take responsibility for your birth experience.

You want to educate yourself with evidence based information.

You want to be able to go over the information at your own pace.

You want to be able to ask questions and get personalised support.

You want to be able to access the course from anywhere in the world.



Who is this course NOT for?

This course is not for your if:

You want someone else to tell you what to do.

You want to be given advice rather than information.

You are looking for a special technique for childbirth.









Course Content 


30 Videos

27 Info Sheets

Private Facebook Group

3 Bonus Gifts

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